Fully Electronic Weighbridges

Applications :
Standard Available size and capacities for Fully Electronic Weighbridge which are suitable for most of the applications
Platter Size
7.5m x 3m 30T, 40T 4
09m x 3m 40T, 50T, 60T 4 / 6
10m x 3m 50T, 60T 4 / 6
12m x 3m 50T, 60T, 80T 4 / 6
15m x 3m 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T 6 / 8
18m x 3m 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T 6 / 8
20m x 3m 80T, 100T 8 / 10
• Higher capacities upto 200 Tonnes available.
• Desing and specification may be altered with new developments
We also manufacture customized Weighbridge as per the specific requirement of our customers
Types of Weighbridge

Pit Type Weighbridges

Highly suitable where space is a major concern. As the platform is in level with the ground the vehicles can approch from any direction suitable for public Weighbridge, Sugar Factories, Weighing Tractors / Trolleys, Rickshaw, Mini 4 Wheeler - Tempos
Pit Type Weighbridges

Pitless Weighbridge

Most suitable for industries, Mines, Foundries. The structure is assembled above ground level where the vehicles can approch from the throught the ramps provided on two sides of the Weighbridge.
Pitless Weighbridge

Portable Weighbridge

Mobile Weighbridge are Portable Weighbridge which can be shifted from one site to another easily. The modular design provides cost effective transporation and re installation.

Mobile Weighbridge are modular fabricated platforms with ramps. This Weighbridge comes with a pre fabricated bottom steel frame where in the Loadcells are installed between the top and bottom frame. This Weighbridge can be directly installed on a smooth and hard surface eliminating the civil foundation, saving time and money.
Portable Weighbridge
Master Pitless & Pit Type Weightbridge
Platform Size
30T, 40T
7.5m X 3m
Rugged Design
40T to 60T
09m X 3m
Load cells-Double ended shear beam - ball type
10m X 3m
Platform Structure-Highly portable,size assembled,Heavy duty load bearing structure.
50T to 80T
12m X 3m
Dispaly-Graphical LCD Display with 1" bright LED display
50T to 100T
15m X 3cm
SMD Technology
50T to 100T
18m X 3cm
Analog to digital Converter
      Password facility
80T, 100T
20m X 3m
Remote jumbo display
  SMS facility-Optional
Higher capacities upto 200 Tonnes available.
Designs and specifications may be altered with new developments.
We also undertake conversion of Mechanicla Weightbridge to fully Electronic Weightbridge.
Capable to function in extreme whether condition